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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New series: philosophical concepts and debates I don't sufficiently understand

I have come to realise that there are many philosophical notions with which I need to be more familiar--at least familiar enough so as not to lose my way in conversations in which they feature. I'm going to learn about them, hopefully at a rate of roughly one a week, then write a short post about each, for the usual reasons.

This post functions as a table of contents for the series of posts:
  • A- and B- theories of time
  • epistemic defeaters
  • semantic entailment
  • supervenience
  • the hypothetico-deductive method
  • the grounding relation
  • covariance
  • jointly necessary/sufficient conditions
  • conditioning on a variable
  • non-backtracking counterfactuals
  • ethical particularism
  • functional explanation
  • theory theory
  • propositional attitudes/dispositional theory
  • alief
  • contractualism/contractarianism
  • Buridan's ass cases
  • internal/external reasons

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